Game Drives

Game Drives are conducted in an open game viewer by a qualified and experienced FGASA guide. Numerous species of game can be seen from the comfort of our game viewer in the Dinokeng Game Reserve. Our game viewer can accommodate 10 passengers.

The best time for game viewing is either early morning or late afternoon. Since it’s cooler at these times, the animals are more active!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Ngiri Safaris is proud to be the only clay pigeon shooting destination in the Dinokeng area. Despite being situated within the Dinokeng Game Reserve, we take every precaution to minimise noise and disturbance of wildlife.


This activity is ideal for those who want to feel the thrill of shooting, but don’t want to harm any animals. No previous experience is necessary and you’ll be under professional guidance at all times.
We supply the shotgun, ammunition, earmuffs and the clay discs, and ensure all National Firearm Safety Requirements are adhered to.
The rest is easy: an automatic clay machine launches the clay discs into the air, and you try to shoot them.
This is a seriously fun activity where you can compete against each other or try to beat your own score.
Clay pigeon shooting is visual, exciting and always good for a few laughs!


This entertaining activity is both exciting and relaxing all at once! Book your session and shoot our recurve bows into the supplied archery butt and enjoy the thrill of hitting the target

Archery is an ancient sport. Therefore it stands to reason that its stuck around for good reason!
Feel history come to life in the palm of your hands!

Scuba Diving

Probably one of the most intriguing activities at Ngiri Safaris is our Scuba Diver Training Center, right in the heart of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve.

We guarantee there is nowhere in the country where you can catch glimpses of game AND practice your buoyancy control at the same time!


The Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, and indeed the entire Dinokeng area, is a birdwatcher’s paradise. With over 330 species of birds on the list you’re certain to “tick off” a large portion of your South African Birding List!

Whether you’re a serious Twitcher or just a keen birder, a slow walk or game drive through the Reserve promises to be extremely rewarding.
We’d greatly appreciate if you could let us know if you can identify any bird that we haven’t listed – we’re always thrilled to hear of new sightings!
ps. Remember your binoculars and bird books!